A range of pots in opal white color, with LED light inside with may technical advantages. They have got high brightness, optimal light diffusion ( LED and not simply an energy saving bulb ), the safety given by a powerpack for a standard plugs 220V, but then working at only 12V, the absence of the draining tube ( it is not necessary, as water can hit the LED unit, waterproof ).

These are the advantages: The LED are waterproof IP67 and made in Italy, Multicolor RGB with 13 colors and 4 programs, safe operational voltage 5 Volts, 3,5 meters of cables, remote contro, included.

An ideal solution for terraces, gardens and interior, UV resistant and the LED unit resists between -20°C and +50°C.

The other advantages of the rotational pots remain: superior design and quality, great attention to trends and care over details. This production technique assures resistance and solidity and makes it possible to make lightweight products, even in the largest sizes.